The Lifespan of a Tooth Filling

The Lifespan of a Tooth Filling

The majority of dental patients will deal with a cavity in their lifetime. 

However, as long as the dentist catches the cavity early it’s easy to properly treat them. Typically, the dentist will treat your cavity (and maybe even a chipped tooth) with a dental filling. 

So, how long do fillings last? Can you count on this dental solution?

Today, we’ll answer the question “how long should a filling last?” and give you all the tips you need to know!

How Long Do Tooth Fillings Last?

Dentists can now use several different materials for tooth filling. Previously, silver and gold were the only options, but now we can offer tooth-colored fillings of other materials. 

All dental fillings can last several years, but some materials are more durable than others. Gold fillings often last the longest, typically 15 to 30 years. Silver is another durable solution, with a lifespan between 10 and 15 years. Ceramic and porcelain (white fillings) also last over 15 years, but they can be a bit more expensive. With a lifespan of only 5-7 years, resin fillings don’t last as long. 

Tips for Longer Lasting Dental Fillings

The answer to “how long are fillings supposed to last” actually depends a lot on how you care for them. Follow these tips to help your fillings last as long as possible:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. 
  • Use a night mouthguard to prevent bruxism while sleeping. 
  • Wear a custom sports mouthguard to protect your mouth during sports. 
  • Attend dental cleanings and exams to monitor your oral health. 

Tooth Filling in Burlington, ON

Choosing the right dentist is the first step to long-lasting dental fillings. For dental care you can count on, come to Fielding Dental Healthcare in Burlington, ON. Our dentists will examine your teeth to help you determine the best treatment for you. We are also here to offer guidance for helping your tooth filling in Burlington last for many years. 

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