Tips for Preparing Kids for Tooth Extraction

Tips for Preparing Kids for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is usually a very scary process for kids, and sometimes even adults. But the dentist’s office can be especially intimidating for kids, so it’s important that you know how to prepare your child for tooth extraction properly.

Extracting teeth is never the first treatment we consider, but sometimes it’s the best option. Removing baby teeth is oftentimes part of the orthodontic process or other treatment.

To give your child the best experience possible, continue reading to learn some tips that will help before tooth extraction.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Adult teeth are extracted when they are beyond repair in severe cases. Baby teeth are extracted in a number of scenarios. Sometimes they are extracted for orthodontic purposes or as part of other treatments. Removing baby teeth can help make space in the mouth and may be the best long-term solution. We only extract teeth when the procedure is the optimal choice.

When extracting teeth in anyone, we make sure they are safe and comfortable. For your child, we will start the process by numbing their mouth to ensure that the extraction is not painful. Then, to loosen the tooth we use an elevator. Once the tooth is loose enough, forceps are used to pull the tooth out. We also offer sedation dentistry in Burlington as an option for the procedure.

Tips to Help Your Child Before the Procedure

  • Assure  your child that the process will be painless and explain how their mouth will be numb
  • Tell them about why they need the procedure and what it will be like
  • Allow your child to express any fears or concerns about the procedure
  • Include them in the recovery process (take them shopping to pick out soft foods, etc.)
  • Discuss recovery with their dentist to learn about helping your child heal

After the Procedure

Healing from the tooth extraction might be slightly uncomfortable for your child. A little swelling and pain after the extraction are normal. To reduce swelling, wrap some ice in a towel and hold it to the face near the extraction site. Pain medication can help reduce the discomfort they might be feeling. To keep the area clean, have your child rinse with salt water 3 times each day. They should also continue their regular dental routine. If you are unsure about when your child should start seeing a dentist, read – When do kids need to go to the dentist?

Pediatric Dentist in Burlington Ontario

Choosing a skilled dentist is the best way to prepare your kids for tooth extraction. Our experienced children’s dentists are reliable and make thoughtful decisions. At Fielding Dental we are welcoming and kind, ready to help you prepare your child for tooth extraction and give them the best experience possible.

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