How Aging Impacts Dental Health

How Aging Impacts Dental Health

Many seniors struggle to maintain their optimal oral health. As we age, we may find we are dealing with more dental issues than in our younger years. 

The truth is that there are effects of aging on the mouth and teeth. 

For this reason, elderly teeth falling out is quite common. 

However, with proper dental care, you can combat the most common causes of tooth loss in the elderly and enjoy a healthy smile for many years. 

Let’s take a look at the answer to “what is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults?” and everything you need to know about senior dental care. 

Aging and the Mouth 

Aging impacts every cell in the body. As we age, we may notice our bodies slow down and change. The same goes for the mouth. The natural aging process has an effect on our oral health. Seniors are more susceptible to common dental health issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and missing teeth. 

Gum Disease

What is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults? The answer is gum disease. Officially known as periodontal disease, bleeding gums will cause teeth to fall out if not treated in a timely manner. At the first stage, gingivitis, treatment is often enough to reverse the disease and preserve your teeth. Seniors should monitor their gum health and seek gum disease treatment if they notice any issues. 

Lack of Dental Care

Another answer to “what causes teeth to fall out in the elderly?” is lack of dental care. The mental and physical impact of aging can make it more difficult for us to perform at-home dental hygiene like daily brushing and flossing. 

Furthermore, many seniors do not seek out the professional dental treatment they need. Fear of the dentists, concerns about payment, and many other challenges keep far too many seniors out of the dentist. The truth is, proper dental care (both at home and at the dental office) is crucial for keeping seniors’ teeth healthy and beautiful. 

Dentist For Seniors Burlington

The best way to prevent elderly teeth from falling out is to obtain proper senior dental care. You can turn to Fielding Dental Healthcare for a quality dentist for seniors in Burlington. Our dental team has experience with older patients, and is dedicated to offering compassionate care. 

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