Wisdom Teeth Removal Burlington, ON

Problem: Impacted, misaligned and over erupted wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Burlington

Majority of our adult teeth fully erupt by the age of 13, with the exception of wisdom teeth that erupt in late teens or early twenties. Used by our ancestors to grind plant tissue, these days wisdom teeth don’t serve much purpose.


The dentist may suggest wisdom teeth removal before they start to cause problems, as it is easier to extract them before they are fully integrated into the bone. Early removal means not only smooth extraction procedure but also shorter healing time.

Why should you consider wisdom teeth removal in our Burlington office?

Misaligned wisdom teeth may put pressure on remaining teeth resulting in crowding and misalignment. The force may also cause damage to neighbouring teeth, forcing you to repeatedly seek dental help.


Impacted wisdom teeth where only a small portion is visible, form a passage for bacteria to enter the gums and accumulate, resulting in infection, swelling and jaw stiffness. As it is difficult to properly clean the area around impacted wisdom teeth, there is an increased risk of decay and gum disease development.


Overerupted wisdom teeth, where there are no teeth on the opposing arch, will keep erupting due to the lack of opposing force. The roots become exposed and more prone to cavities. They may also negatively impact the occlusion, making it difficult to make sport and night guards or dental aligners.


Our priority is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our patients. We understand that the concept of removing wisdom teeth may seem overwhelming for some of our patients. This is why we offer local and general sedation dentistry in our Burlington-based practice, to make the wisdom teeth extraction procedure smooth and stress-free.


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