Emergency Dentist Burlington, ON

Emergency Dentist In Burlington

Emergency Dentist Burlington

Emergency dental care for our patients is a priority. Tooth pain can be very stressful. When you are in pain and you need emergency dental care we understand that you are looking for somewhere you can go that you can trust and feel at ease. If you call with a dental emergency while our office is open you will be seen on the same day as your emergency. Some common emergencies are painful gums, toothache/tooth pain, extractions, broken dentures, broken teeth/chipped teeth, root canals, or lost/broken crowns.

When you come in for emergency dental care you will be treated specifically for the tooth problem you are having. You will need to bring your health card or drivers license and an updated medical history will be filled out at this appointment. We recommend limiting any pain medication you are taking to manage the pain so that an accurate diagnosis and testing of the pain can be done.

If you are experiencing dental pain and feel that you need to be seen in a timely manner you are correct, this is a dental emergency. Leaving problems untreated will leave you at risk of worsening conditions. A broken tooth is important to be fixed as soon as possible. If you choose to leave a broken tooth it could lead to increased risk of further breakage, possible fracture and the potential need for extraction.

If you need to see an emergency dentist Burlington after our regular office hours please call Burlington Dental Academy at 905-825-6000 or visit the nearest emergency room. We know your dental needs so along with emergency dentist we provide wisdom teeth removal & restorative in dentistry burlington. Feel free to contact us.