Restorative Dentistry Burlington, Ontario

Problem: Decayed or damaged teeth

Dentist Treating Damaged Teeth of a Patient & Performing Restorative Dentistry in Burlington, ON

Despite our greatest efforts to prevent any dental problems, our teeth are exposed to damaging environmental factors and natural wear every day. The most common dental issues that we are all impacted by are dental cavities, trauma and missing teeth. The restorative dentistry services are the most common in our dental practice in Burlington.
To ensure that we can offer top-quality care for each of our patients, our office provides a comprehensive range of restorative dentistry services in Burlington.

What are the most common restorative dentistry services in Burlington, ON?

Our office in Burlington offers a range of restorative dentistry services, to ensure that you get the best option when it comes to restoring your smile. We ensure that each of the options is discussed with each of our patients before the treatment begins. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Dental fillings: repair and strengthen decayed, cracked or damaged teeth
Dental crowns: restore dental implants and teeth with large fillings or extensive damage
Dental bridges: bridge the gap formed by a missing tooth, using dental crowns and pontics
Dental implants: replace the root of a tooth and provide support for an artificial tooth replacement
Veneers: correct the shape, colour and alignment of natural teeth
Root canal therapy: saves and protects natural teeth that have ab infection
Dentures: replace natural teeth and restore the ability to smile, speak and eat

If you are unsure which restorative dentistry services best suit your needs, visit our Burlington-based practice or call 905-637-8115 to discuss your options and restore your beautiful and confident smile.