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Problem: Missing Teeth or Loose Dentures

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Has your denture suffered a break or a crack? Have you never been happy with your Dentures? We don’t realise how important the Denture Care is until we are suffering from discomfort and poor fitting Dentures. Visit us today in our Denture Clinic in Burlington for a complimentary consultation on your existing Dentures and the possibilities for improving and repairing your fit.

Does your Denture rock?

It is important to stay consistent with your relines and continue examining and adjusting the fit of your denture every 2 – 3 years. Rocking Dentures can lead to damage like cracks or breaks due to the increased forces caused by an ill-fitting denture. Poor fitting dentures can lead to an unhappy patient with poor eating habits. Poor eating habits can lead to an unhealthy and unsatisfying lifestyle.

Have you ever considered Denture Implants in Burlington?

Are you worried about the cost of Dental Implants and this prevents you from asking the question about how Dental Implants can be the solution for you to help resolve your Denture problems. Contact us today for your no cost ‘Dental Implant for Dentures’ consultaiton in our Burlington Office. You will be given the time to discuss and ask any questions or conerns you might have with no pressure to committ to any cost or treatment.