WHAT MAKES US the RIGHT Dentist in Burlington FOR YOU…

Dr. Jocelyn Fielding from Fielding Dental Healthcare

1. We are great for families who have multiple kids. We love to accommodate multiple children at our dental clinic and try to make it easier for parents to get everybody in and seen simultaneously while being efficient with their time. We also try to get you information quickly and effectively with technology and educational resources, so that you can get strong individualized feedback and tips for each child.

2. We like to help coordinate insurance benefits and take insurance assignments. A lot of our families are lacking in the one commodity that everybody needs… TIME! So we help take this job off your hands and send insurance in for coordination of benefits on your behalf. Of course, taking the responsibility of being your Dentist in Burlington ON very seriously, we don’t let insurance decide what treatment we recommend, but we do work with you when you have financial restrictions to figure out how we can best accomplish your needs.

3. Being the right Dentist in Burlington ON for you means we need to do a great job for you and all of your family members. Technology changes rapidly and we make it one of the priorities at our dental clinic to stay current and up to date with the technology that improves our ability to serve you, our patient. Why do we have not one, but two iTero digital scanning stations??… because you don’t like goopy, messy dental impressions and we want to make this a more enjoyable part of your appointment with us.

4. My favourite part of what makes us a unique Dentist in Burlington ON is that we are a Family run business with Families in mind. Our dental office strives to consistently improve our abilities and customer service by taking into consideration our Patient Feedback. When you leave your appointment knowing more than you knew and feeling more prepared than ever to take exceptional care of your oral and overall health we feel we have made you stronger and your family stronger.

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