The Top Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

The Top Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

There are a few dental procedures that treat severely damaged teeth. One of them is a root canal. Root canals are very beneficial and are one of the best options to restore your oral health. Root canals relieve the pain caused by damaged tooth pulp and also preserve the healthy part of your tooth.

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Root Canal Procedure

Root canals in Burlington are generally necessary to treat teeth that have infected pulp. During the treatment, the infected pulp gets removed. Next, the dentist cleans the tooth and seals it. This is done so the tooth does not get infected again. Finally, the tooth is either filled or a crown is applied to the tooth so that it can function normally.

Is a Root Canal For Me?

Root canals treat teeth with inflamed or infected tooth pulp. Some of the symptoms of this condition are:

  • You may have a fever along with some of the other orals symptoms
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Tooth pain caused by hot, cold, or pressure

Top Benefits of a Root Canal

It is always advisable to keep as much of healthy teeth as possible. Extracting the tooth would take away the infected part of the tooth but also the healthy part of the tooth because the whole tooth is removed. Root canals remove just the damaged part, making them the best option in many cases. The top benefits of a root canal include:

  • Painless –Modern anesthesia makes root canals less painful than they used to be.
  • Your same smile –Since a root canal preserves your natural tooth, it helps you keep your same smile.
  • Infection removal –Root canals remove the infected tooth pulp, so they also alleviate the pain that was caused by the infection. They also prevent the infection from spreading to more serious parts of the body, like the brain.
  • Low cost –Root canals are covered by most dental insurance companies and don’t require many follow-up appointments.

Root Canals in Burlington, Ontario

Damaged tooth pulp can be very painful, and one of the better treatments for it is a root canal. Consulting a professional is the best choice, so they can provide personalized dental care specific to your smile. At Fielding Dental Healthcare, we are here to help!

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