Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Dentures

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Dentures

People who are missing most or all of their teeth may benefit from dentures. Dentures are a well-known solution for replacing teeth and restoring your smile.

Before getting dentures, you may wonder how long they last.

In this guide, we discuss the lifespan of dentures and tips for helping them last longer.

Keep reading for the answer to “how long do dentures last?”

The Lifespan of Dentures

Knowing how long dentures commonly last is the first step. On average, dentures last for around 10 years. But in some cases, they may only last around five years.

Partial dentures and full dentures may have different lifespans. More than that, the quality of the dentures plays an important role. Denture care is another key factor that can either improve or decrease the lifespan of dentures.

Caring for Dentures

Taking good care of dentures helps them last as long as possible. Here are some important denture care tips to keep in mind:

Regularly Cleaning

You must clean dentures regularly, just like you do with natural teeth. The same way plaque builds up on teeth, it can build up on dentures. Use a gentle brush and denture cleaning paste to brush them each night.

Store Them Properly

In addition to cleaning, you must also store the dentures correctly. Leaving them out can dry them out and warp them. Instead, store them in a room-temperature denture solution when you are not wearing them. Never wear them to sleep!

Clean Your Mouth

You must also keep your mouth clean and healthy. Keeping your gums in good condition helps ensure proper fit. Clean your gums and tongue with a gentle brush or cloth, and use a toothbrush on any natural teeth.

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