Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

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Even if a tooth has severe damage to the pulp, your dentist will try to save it. But if the damage is too severe, tooth extraction may be necessary.

Tooth extraction is a simple and straightforward procedure that involves removing the specific tooth/teeth. After a tooth is removed, you may be eligible for a replacement treatment like a bridge or dentures to restore your smile.

To ensure you have the best oral health possible, it is essential that your extraction heals correctly.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the most important things to do after getting your teeth pulled.

Tooth Removal Aftercare: Immediately After Surgery

  • Keep a gauze pad on the extraction site for 30 minutes by gently biting down.
  • After removing the gauze, consume a cold liquid like ice cream, water, juice, or a popsicle.
  • For the first 24 hours after the extraction, do not use straws.
  • Take care while your mouth is numb. Numbness can last up to 6 hours.
  • Return to the dentist in a week to remove sutures.

Removal Post-Op Instructions: Avoid These Things

Tooth extraction post-op instructions include a few things to avoid for the first 24 hours. These instructions help ensure proper healing and reduce the chances of infection. The top things to avoid include:

  • Consuming hot liquids
  • Smoking
  • Using a straw
  • Playing a musical instrument that involves blowing
  • Brushing or rinsing
  • Excessive spitting
  • Chewing near the extraction site
  • Crunchy, hard, or sticky foods

Tooth Extraction in Burlington

Do you think you may need a tooth removed? We make sure that all of our patients know what they need to do after tooth extraction. We’ll give you a helpful guide to follow once you’re home after tooth removal. Additionally, our team is always here to answer any questions you may have about the instructions after tooth extraction.

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